How To Save When Planning Your Next Holiday

It’s no secret that holidays can be expensive – that’s why so many people only tend to do them once a year (or even less). It’s because they can’t afford them and he prices just keep hiking up year after year. I’ve done my fair share of travelling and let me tell you – it … Continue reading How To Save When Planning Your Next Holiday

Wanderlust: The reality after travelling

I’ve never been very good at staying in one place for verylong. Whether that be a house, a job, a city, a country. I’malways getting itchy feet and looking for the next place I want to work, visit,relocate to. I’m ever so grateful for the power of freedom and being able tojust make a decision … Continue reading Wanderlust: The reality after travelling

How To Pack For A City Break

It’s always great to book a flight and get on the plane to a new city but as most of us work full time and have limited holidays each year, we sometimes have to settle for short weekend breaks as opposed to the two week stay we really want. I’m talking about going straight to the airport from work on the Friday evening and jetting back on the Sunday night. It’s the adrenaline rush, the excitement, the stress.